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Hook Private Security Service is a full-service private security guard company. We offer complete
property and personal protection services. When your security or that of your family, employees or business is
at risk, our team of experts can quickly assess your unique situation and advise on measures and procedures
you can take and implement to help ensure safety for all concerned. Short-term or long-term contracts are

Uniformed (armed or unarmed) security officers are available, as well as plain-clothes security guards with concealed weapons. Our team works in unison with local law enforcement agencies to maintain a secure and safe environment. All uniformed or plain-clothes officers have instant communication with our 24-hour Dispatch Center.

Our professionally-trained Armed Security Guards have a wide range of experience and are licensed by the California Bureau of Security and Investigative Services. All of our Armed Security Guards have been put through a rigid background check and extensive training prior to employment.

Our professionally-trained Unarmed Security Guards will provide state of the art security and guard services at any location, at any time. All our Unarmed Guards are put through a rigid background check and training.

High profile transports are armed officers to follow or accompany a high profile transport of jewelry, bonds, cash, and all types of valuables transport.

Special task forces are specially trained units that can meet a client’s individual security needs. Typical areas of duty for special task forces are crowd control and large scale events such as concerts or strikes.

Bodyguards are trained officers to protect anyone from any harm and are specially trained for crowd control protection.

Executive protection units are top-trained officers for high profile clients, movie stars and politicians.

Guard Card Certification Class * Baton Permits * Handcuff Training * Pepper Spray Certification

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